Discover the Secret To Getting SHELVED 

You belong here. Learn what to do to get here!

Are you still waiting to hear back about securing shelf space at Whole Foods nationwide? Is your creation already making the rounds in the smaller retailers, but your pitch to the Big Box stores was not enough to convince them to take a chance on you? Are you a staple at the farmers markets, but you can't get a meeting with stores on a national level? It's not enough to have a great tasting product in nice packaging anymore. Before you attend your next vendor fair, you owe it to yourself to find out what you are missing.

Get Ready for Get Shelf Made.

Get Shelf Made, a 2015 Chicago Innovation Award nominee, guides entrepreneurs to convert their food or beverage concept into a viable business. Created by former Kraft Foods retail branding expert, Lauren Young, this series of four courses are available for instruction or licensing across the nation.

The purpose of this training series is to help food entrepreneurs craft their unique brand story to build sales, connect with retail buyers and achieve the dream of becoming a "shelf-made" success.

You will learn:

  • Tips for selecting stores that are the BEST fit for your product and will yield the most sales - it may not be a grocery store!
  • Methods on how to test your product and secure start-up capital
  • Why you should study store layouts and what they disclose the success of similar products
  • How to get the attention of retail buyers and category managers responsible for approving your products for sale
  • What approach to take when presenting to grocery stores vs. drug stores vs. club stores vs. department stores
  • How to build buzz and a strong brand identity prior to in-store sampling events and presentations
  • How to have an incredible in-store presentation
  • 30 secrets that help your product to sell once you gain shelf space

Participants receive login access to the Get Shelf Made website with helpful contacts, planning guides and resources to grow a food/beverage business - customized for your city. Information about how to approach local retail buyers, distributors and other resources is included in this powerful guide to aid your pursuit for shelf space.

As a chocolatier, my startup costs were very high and my artisan products have a limited shelf life. After working with Lauren and understanding that my options for retail went beyond Whole Foods and Walmart, I have signed international agreements to have my chocolates available for sale on over 70 different airlines (including Air France, British Airways and United), and I opened a pop-up shop at a major department store. The first week, I sold over $80,000, and I am working on my own brick and mortar shop for 2015.
— RKW, Chicago, IL