You have a great food or beverage idea – now what? Whether you are a startup entrepreneur in the F&B industry or thinking of expanding your operation within the retail/wholesale or catering space, this is a must-attend academy!

get shelf made Curriculum

Our courses are provided in the following series:

Week 1 - Business Planning & Marketing
Is your idea viable, marketable and profitable? 

Week 2 - Finance & Funding 
Can your idea be funded?

Week 3 - Licensing, Labeling & Trademarking
Are you legally prepared to launch this idea?

Week 4 - Production and Distribution
Will your idea be appeal to retail/wholesale distributors?

This curriculum is delivered for four consecutive weeks in
3-hour sessions. Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion at the culmination of Week 4.

A sample of the questions that are answered during the Get Shelf Made course include:

  • Why is it worth the effort to get my products in retail stores? 
  • How can I stand out from my competition in national stores? 
  • What is the best way to present my new product if I don't have any competition yet?
  • What information is required on my labels to meet current FDA requirements and retail regulations?
  • How important is it to exhibit at industry trade shows and are they worth the investment?
  • Is a food broker or distributor needed for a better chance at getting shelved?
  • How can I make a respectable profit after broker commissions/distribution fees?
  • How can my product's shelf life become extended once placed in retail/wholesale stores?