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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Get Shelf Made.

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for prospective students

Why should I register for Get Shelf Made?
The purpose of Get Shelf Made is to help food and beverage entrepreneurs craft their unique brand story to build sales, connect with retail buyers and achieve the dream of becoming a "shelf-made" success. 

Individuals who register for Get Shelf Made have  delicious ideas, yet are unsure of how to do one or
more of the following: 1) develop a a name or brand for their product, 2) secure funding to increase production and marketing of their food/beverage brand or 3) grow their business beyond the stores that currently carry
their product.

How is the Get Shelf Made curriculum structured?
Please visit our Workshop Agenda Page for details.

Who teaches Get Shelf Made?
Experienced business consultants across the United States are licensed to deliver Get Shelf Made. Each professional is required to attend our live Facilitator Training Program (FTP) and pass a final exam before receiving their certification.

How much does it cost to attend Get Shelf Made?
For more information on course registration and fees, please contact a Certified Facilitator in your area.

Where can I find an upcoming Get Shelf Made course?
For more information on future course dates and registration deadlines, please contact a Certified Facilitator in your area.

What happens after I complete Get Shelf Made courses?
All entrepreneurs that successfully complete the Get Shelf Made series of courses will receive a Certificate of Completion and will have access to the Student Resources Portal for six months after the date of their final class. The Student Resources Portal contains valuable information to aid food & beverage entrepreneurs in their quest for retail shelf space, food truck startups and more.

Does Get Shelf Made help make introductions on behalf of the students to retailers or wholesalers?
No, however, the information housed within the Student Resources Portal provides step-by-step information to help food & beverage entrepreneurs become comfortable enough to introduce themselves to retailers/wholesalers.

What is the success rate of Get Shelf Made to get food and beverage entrepreneurs into retail stores?
While this information is not currently available, we are compiling data for a future case study and infographic on the program's success and impact on the food industry.

for prospective facilitators

Why should I become a Certified Facilitator for
Get Shelf Made?

According to Technomic, 2014 sales in the U.S. retail food industry topped $5.27 trillion, and the specialty food Industry (e.g. allergen-free, gluten-free, Paleo, etc.) comprised over $84 billion. Many first-time food & beverage entrepreneurs are unaware of the detailed process to present a product for local to national distribution. 

Get Shelf Made provides the business tools and detailed resources to professionals who want to enhance their portfolio with steady food & beverage consulting work. 

How can I become a Certified Facilitator for
Get Shelf Made?

If you are willing to attend our 2-day Facilitator Training Program (FTP) and pass a brief certification exam, you are ready to become one of our newest Certified Facilitators! Each Certified Facilitator will receive a license to teach training courses to prospective food & beverage entrepreneurs.

What do I receive with my license to Get Shelf Made?
Each license enables our Get Shelf Made Certified Facilitators to access the Facilitator Resources Portal to download PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, live simulation job aids, flowcharts and other business management documents. Best of all, you are able to track the progress of your students after they have completed the course with you for six months. This allows adequate time for biweekly or monthly check-ins, status calls or other interactions to ensure your clients stay on track for retail business success.

Where can I find an upcoming Get Shelf Made Facilitator Training Program (FTP)?
Trainings are hosted throughout the year in cities across the United States at the request of future facilitators. 

If you would like to request a private training in your city, we require a minimum of 5 individuals AND 30 days advance notice of your requested dates.

How much does it cost to receive the Get Shelf Made certification and license?
For more information on Facilitator Training Program, certification and licensing fees, please contact our Founder, Lauren Young, at 866.639.1432 or complete the Contact form.

How long does each license last?
Licenses can be purchased for a minimum of one year.

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